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Berni - ceo, Christianityworks

Pray for Many More to be Saved

You are invited to join us in giving thanks for the mighty things that God is already doing, and to ask Him to do even more, to reach the lost, the lonely and those who are hurting, with His many-splendoured love through the ministry of Christianityworks.

God’s Word is very clear:

If it is not the LORD who builds a house, the builders are wasting their time. If it is not the LORD who watches over the city, the guards are wasting their time. (Psalm 127:1,2)

So please pray with me that God will “build the house and watch over the city”, as He leads us forward in partnership, to be about the business of winning the lost for Christ. 


October 2017 Prayer Focus

      • Give thanks for the breakthrough of Swahili and French translation of the daily FRESH radio programs – this will open up two massive new audiences, with over 100 million Swahili speakers and 120 million French speakers across Africa. 
      • Pray that God will powerfully bless these translation initiatives by inspiring the translators and presenters of the radio programs, opening the doors into many new radio stations across Africa and providing the funding support to grow the ministry into these new audiences.
      • Pray for wisdom and guidance for the team (in Australia, the US and the Philippines) that this month is undertaking the preliminary planning and setup of the Social Media Evangelism Project that will begin in earnest in November. 
      • Give thanks for God’s faithfulness over the last 60 years, since from the beginning of Christianityworks’ ministry, the call on us has been to make innovative use of new and emerging media opportunities to take the Good News of Jesus beyond the four walls of the church. 
      • Pray for the 60th Anniversary, 60-Day Challenge Appeal over this month, asking God to move the hearts of supporters to reach the target of $60,000 by October 31st – the first year’s costs of the Social Media Evangelism Project.
      • Pray for Glenn Wysman who is heading up the production of the printed FRESH devotional in Australia and ask the Lord to give him great wisdom and inspiration to reach many more people with God’s Word every day.
      • Pray for many doors that are opening in India as the printed FRESH daily devotional is distributed in the Telugu and Tamil languages.
      • Pray for the many new partnerships that have opened up in Africa as Christianityworks partners with a number of international ministries to train stations in the area of fundraising. There is a desperate need for this and we believe that God has called us to help empower stations to proclaim Christ across this great continent. 

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Your Prayer Makes Such an Incredible Difference!



God has done some amazing things in and through the ministry of Christianityworks. Talk about fishes and loaves!

We constantly feel like that little boy who gave up his small amount of food for Jesus to bless and multiply and feed the thousands with. That’s what Christianityworks is like. Small, nimble – totally inadequate in and of ourselves for the task.

And we serve this mighty God who does amazing things. Countless times over the last 60 years, it looked as though the ministry would fall over for one reason or another. And here we are, still being used of God to feed the millions with the Bread of Life … the Word of God!

What do you put that down to? Simple. Prayer.

The enemy comes against us time and time again – he doesn’t want the good news preached to the nations. That’s why your prayer is so important. Thank you so much for praying with us! We know that together, we will see a mighty harvest.


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Your gift is going to help us reach so many more people with the good news of Jesus.

People like the terrorist in the Democratic Republic of Congo, who had killed many people, but laid down his gun when he heard a Christianityworks broadcast.

So thank you - not only for waiting, but for your love and generosity in helping to reach the lost around the globe with the saving love of Jesus!

May the Lord bless you mightily.