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Berni - ceo, Christianityworks

Please Pray for God's Supernatural Provision

May and June are two incredibly important months in the ministry of Christianityworks, as almost a third of our annual donations are given during these two months. And without a strong result to this Fishes and Loaves Appeal, which has a target of $AUD 326,000 (£GBP 191,000) by June 30th, the ministry will struggle to reach people around the globe with the good news of Jesus.

So, your prayer is incredibly important this month and next! Because …

Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labour in vain. (Psalm 127:1)

So … please pray with us for the generosity of God’s people to help us reach many, many more of the lost and hurting, with the Gospel of Christ.


May 2017 Prayer Focus

      • Pray that God will mightily bless the annual ‘Fishes and Loaves’ appeal – as Christianityworks seeks to reach the vital target of $326,000 (£191,000) by June 30th, so that many more people can receive the good news of Jesus in the coming months, and have their lives transformed through God’s Spirit and his Word.
      • Give thanks for the generous donors who have stepped forward already to establish the Matching Fund, enabling donations before June 30th to be doubled!
      • Pray for the generosity of the friends and supporters of the ministry as they prayerfully consider how they can help support the ministry over this important time.
      • Pray for our team in India as they work on publishing the FRESH devotional in printed form, in the major Indian language of Telugu. Give them great wisdom and bless their efforts, so that from this small beginning, many lives will be touched and transformed in the south of India through God’s Word reaching people in printed form (this is the first, ever, rich, daily devotional in Telugu in India!) 
      • Pray for the outreach in Rwanda. Our African team is helping to plant a national radio station, that will reach millions of Kinyarwanda speakers in Rwanda itself, and in the neighbouring countries of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi and Uganda, where many Rwandans fled during the 1994 genocide and have now settled.
      • Pray for our development team, led by Pastor Glenn Wysman – as we work hard to use technology more effectively, particularly in the USA, New Zealand and South Africa, with the new developments currently being worked on. Technology is such an important medium for reaching people with the good news of Jesus, so this is a major, strategic initiative
      • Give thanks for Mariah Reilly – our designer who helps makes to much of what we do – the booklets and other printed publications – so attractive. It’s incredibly important in this day and age, for Christian ministries to produce material that catches the eye, so that the truth can be proclaimed into the hearts of people. Mariah and her husband Warren do so much to promote the Gospel through their gifted design.
      • Give thanks and Praise God  for the many lives that are being touched and transformed each and every day, as Christianityworks’ radio, television, internet, email and print ministries proclaim Christ to millions of people … day, after day, after day. This is only possible because we serve a mighty God who has such an incredible heart to reach the lost and hurting with His love.

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Your Prayer Makes Such an Incredible Difference!



God has done some amazing things in and through the ministry of Christianityworks. Talk about fishes and loaves!

We constantly feel like that little boy who gave up his small amount of food for Jesus to bless and multiply and feed the thousands with. That’s what Christianityworks is like. Small, nimble – totally inadequate in and of ourselves for the task.

And we serve this mighty God who does amazing things. Countless times over the last 60 years, it looked as though the ministry would fall over for one reason or another. And here we are, still being used of God to feed the millions with the Bread of Life … the Word of God!

What do you put that down to? Simple. Prayer.

The enemy comes against us time and time again – he doesn’t want the good news preached to the nations. That’s why your prayer is so important. Thank you so much for praying with us! We know that together, we will see a mighty harvest.


Almost there ...

Congo Card

Thanks! We are just processing your donation.

Your gift is going to help us reach so many more people with the good news of Jesus.

People like the terrorist in the Democratic Republic of Congo, who had killed many people, but laid down his gun when he heard a Christianityworks broadcast.

So thank you - not only for waiting, but for your love and generosity in helping to reach the lost around the globe with the saving love of Jesus!

May the Lord bless you mightily.