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Series: Yes! Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks (1)

Do you know what your personality type is? Did you even realise that the Bible clearly teaches us that God has given us a unique personality type? Well it does and He has – and once we understand who we are, our natural strengths and weaknesses, we’re on the path to a much better, a much more effective life. Especially, if we can discover how to overcome our natural areas of weakness. Well, that’s what this series is all about. So why don’t you join Berni Dymet, as he discovers that, according to God at least, old dogs really can learn new tricks!

Episode 1. You are Destined to Shine

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Each one of us is different; we have different strengths and different weaknesses. What if you could learn more about your strengths and deal a bit better with each of your natural weaknesses? Just imagine what your life would look like. A few years back I co authored a book with a good friend of […]

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Episode 2. Achieving Greatness

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The great boxer Cassius Clay who later became Mohamed Ali had a catch cry that just about every one of my generation at least will never forget as long as they live. He used to say, ‘I am the greatest’ but greatness as things turn out is not always what it’s cracked up to be. […]

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Episode 3. Focussed Encouragement

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Encouragers are the most delightful people to be with. Why? Because they naturally encourage you and you feel so much better about yourself but despite their obvious strengths the encouragers also have some nagging weaknesses as well, would you like to know what they are and how to overcome them? If I was going to […]

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Episode 4. A Teacher for Life

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We all have different personality types, some are leaders, others are encouragers, some are teachers and so on. And whilst leopards don’t change their spots it turns out that old dogs can learn the odd new trick. Have you discovered your personality type yet? Over these past few days on the program this week we’ve […]

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Episode 5. A Carer With Strength

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When things aren’t going quite our way the most wonderful sort of person to be around is the carer. Some people have a real special gift of caring, it in fact defines their personality type. This is a terrible thing to say but I used to think that carers were real wimps because they’re gentle […]

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Thank you Berni for helping me identify my major flaw, the flip side to caring, and giving me guidance to overcome it. 🙂 )

Sonja Moodie

Fabulous…so informative ! I now know how to work on my weaknesses. Thx Berni for a splendid broadcast. Also thank you for sharing your wisdom and knowledge so generously.

Sonja Moodie

Fabulous broadcast. It should be suggested that all couples listen to this to enable them to understand each other better. There will be less conflict in a relationship if we in the first place understand ourselves, and then understand our partner. Thanks for an informative session.

Berni Dymet

That’s awesome Lio.

Don’t forget to grab a free copy of the booklet – “Yes! You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks”. It contains a list of the characteristics for each personality type but will only be available for a couple of weeks as a free gift.

Click on this link:


Be blessed,


Berni Dymet

Hi Penny,

The one you are looking for is the practical server. Here is the link:

Be blessed 🙂



Hi Berni,

I love listening to your different perspective broadcast. I plan my ride to work around it! Last week I was running late and I think you were talking about a personality type that is thinking so much that they can get overwhelmed with the details, end up not being able to make decisions. I think it was some type of leader but I’m not sure. Does that sound familiar? I’m not sure which day it was, I think it was late in the week. But I don’t think it was teacher. I didn’t get to it online last week and heard you say today that we can go back and hear last week’s programs, which is great, but I’m not sure which day is was. Any idea?

lio alofaituli

Thank you for this teaching – I used to think I was an encourager – but through your series I’ve confirmed – I am a carer! It’s a world of difference – and I am trying to confirm my secondary personality type – thanks again for this great lesson!

lio alofaituli

i really appreciated the series and have found it to be life-changing. thank you for publishing and making this information available to so many. i live on a tiny island in the pacific where resources are extremely limited but thanks to your ministry i see rom 12 in a new perspective – thank you again


Hi Berni, I got your book ‘my personality GPS’ a couple of years ago and listening to your current series I re-read it. I know I’m a teacher, but can’t work out my secondary motivation -I feel like I’m a bit of everything! I guess coming from the soul, that kind of makes sense -is it common for us soul people to feel like this?


Laurence Nicole

That’s me, the good and the bad!

Berni Dymet


You need to speak with a leader. Leaders have two things that you need.

1. They are good communicators, with strong verbal,linguistic skills. They find it naturally very easy to synthesize complex issues and communicate them with clarity and in a compelling fashion.

2. People will naturally listen to them and follow their direction. They punch above their weight when it comes to influencing opinions.

On the other hand they’re often not as visionary as someone like you, so they need you by their side. It’s a good partnership when you think about it.

Hope this helps.


Ross Hutchison

I so loved the program today on enthusiastic people – I am he, so correct. Rushing about doing lots of things being enthusiastic but not carrying them through completely. This has caused me some pain though, I have never seen myself as a leader and thought I would be a good second in command. One of my gifts is seeing where the world is moving in different ways we think,or technologies, for I am a forward thinker. However I cannot for the life of me communicate this to people around and it is so frustrating. I find it hard comunicating the idea and people just look at me as if to say that will never work but year on year and decade on decade – things I have said would happen HAVE happened. So a question – who out of all the different personalities should I speak to which then enthuses me to make a positive difference and a strong bond is then created to move mountains?

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