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Series: Walking in the Spirit

Many people have heard the term “Walking in the Spirit”. That would be awesome wouldn’t it? I mean it sounds great. But exactly what does it mean to “walk in Spirit”? I mean, how does it actually happen in our lives? Those are questions that many a Christ–follower has. Somehow, we can come to the realisation that in the day to day reality of our lives, rather than walking in the Spirit, we seem perhaps to have walked away from the Spirit. In this series, Berni again goes to God’s Word – to show us not only that God means for each one of us to walk in the Spirit, but to uncover exactly how … right in the middle of the lives we each lead.

Episode 1. Taking That First Step

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So many people wish that they could say they’re living their lives by walking in the Spirit. But that’s not really how their life works at all. In fact God often seems a million miles away. Well, there’s a reason for that – it comes down, as it turns out, to a question of priorities. […]

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Episode 2. The Work of the Spirit

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One of the things that we’re promised about Jesus is that when we let Him into our lives – He’ll sort the good from the bad – the wheat from the chaff in each one of us – and then burn the chaff with an unquenchable fire. At first that sounds a bit confronting. And […]

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Episode 3. Filled with the Spirit

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One of the things that I’ve noticed is that I don’t have the strength, or the power in my own right to live the life that God wants me to. Have you noticed that too? We try … and we fail. What we need, is power. Power from high. Fortunately that’s exactly what Jesus has […]

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Episode 4. The Sheer Wonder of God’s Plan!

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Each person who believes in Jesus has a battle going on inside. Between the desires of the flesh, and the work of the Holy Spirit. Each one. Sometimes we feel as though it’s a battle we’re losing, even though we’ve already won. How can we actually live out that victory? How can we walk in […]

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Berni Dymet

That’s awesome Bruce. May you enter into a powerful, intimate relationship with the Lord our God. Make sure you find yourself a dynamic, Bible believing church so that you can grow in your faith. And whatever you do, get yourself a contemporary Bible translation, and start reading it and praying every day. You will go from strength to strength. -Berni@CW

Bruce Noel Gilbert

Thank you for this challenging podcast Berni! I have accepted the challenge & prayed that prayer inviting God into my life, no matter what happens. I had suffered much previously in my life & I guess it it the fear of suffering more, that put me off truly opening up to God’s Holy Spirit – in a way that, although I have greatly desired it – I have never done before. Now I will ‘wait upon the Lord’ – no matter how long it takes, nor WHAT it takes for Him to mould me & get me to where He wants me to be, in Him. Thank you again & I look forward to receiving the the ebook.

‘b’ye! – Bruce.

Bruce Noel Gilbert

Dear Berni,
God Bless You & your ministry “ChristianityWorks”. I just tried to download a copy of “Taking the first step” & when I clicked on , it did not download, but opened an audio player instead?! I then Right-clicked on & chose “Save link as…” from the menu & it downloaded ok.
In case it matters, I am not using Window$, but am using the “OpenBSD” Operating System, with “Mozilla Firefox” as my web-browser.
‘b’ye! – Bruce Noel Gilbert.

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