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Berni - ceo, Christianityworks

Series: When God Speaks

So many people are asking the questions, “How can I hear God speak to me?” and yet they leave their Bibles on a shelf somewhere gathering dust. There is such incredible power in God’s Word. Power to transform our lives. Power to bring joy and peace to our lives. Why is it that Christians, en masse, are ignoring the Word of God.

So join Berni Dymet as he opens God’s Word, to discover the life-changing wisdom that God has ready and waiting for you!

Episode 1. The Obvious Isn’t Always that Obvious

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Sometimes the blindingly, glimpsingly obvious isn’t all that obvious, but here it is anyway: Men and women of God’s Word, men and women who actually read their Bibles, end up living a much more powerful, much more victorious, much more fulfilling life than those who don’t. It’s obvious, you’d think.   The Way to God’s […]

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Episode 2. God’s Solution in the Tough Times

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If only the going was always easy. But life’s not like that. Sometimes we have to travel through difficult times. Times that test our patience, our endurance and our faith. And it’s right in the middle of those times that God’s Word holds the answers that we need to make it through.   Life Wasn’t […]

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Episode 3. The Goodness of God Revealed

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Sometimes it’s hard to remember that God is good, when life simply isn’t. In fact, sometimes it’s downright impossible. That’s why God is revealing His goodness every moment of every day, through His Word.   God is Good So life is going along ok I guess, with its ups and downs, but something doesn’t quite […]

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Episode 4. Calling a Spade a Spade

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The reason that so many people who believe in Jesus are struggling is, quite frankly, because they’re not men and women of God’s Word. They don’t take God’s Word seriously. Well, today, that’s something we need to deal with, because there is such an incredible blessing waiting for you, in God’s Word!   God’s Work […]

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Berni Dymet

Praise God Karen. Be greatly blessed through His Word. Berni

Berni Dymet

Bless you Leighton. Appreciate you sharing that. May God’s Word strengthen you day by day for His glory. Berni.


Dear Bernie and Helpers
I dearly wish to thank you for all your reassurance . I have been going through a lot for the past 6 years. A lot of financial hardship and emotional reoccurrence. The Psalms are so good, and your messages are a grand thing to have. May our father bless and Keep The organization for its blessings on people like my wife and myself

Karen Gabilo

Thank you and may God bless you ever so abundantly for delivering His message. This series cut right through in my heart and it has opened the eyes of my heart even more. Thank you for underlining and putting much needed weight on the importance of being in God’s word. I praise God for you.

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